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How To Love Your Body For All It Can Do And Achieve

As humans, we tend to have complicated relationships with our bodies. For one reason or another, we believe the way they look or feel is central to our existence. 

Unfortunately, this attitude causes many of us to actually fall out of love with our bodies. We want to see them as friends, but all too often, we view them as enemies.

Think about the number of times you’ve looked in the mirror and wondered who is looking back at you. Probably more than you can count. We each have an uncanny ability to identify our flaws and emphasize them beyond anything else. 

The good news is that there are ways to love your body. And, interestingly, these don’t just involve accepting it as it is just now. Radical acceptance can be reactionary and a response to negative feelings you have. 

So what can you do to start loving your body and helping it reach its potential? Here are some tips from people who’ve been where you are right now. 

Challenge Unwanted Thoughts

First, you’ll want to challenge unwanted thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself thinking something negative or critical about your body, stop and ask yourself: Is this thought true and does it matter? 

In some cases, your criticism will be true, but you have to ask whether it makes any sense. You also want to question why you’re having these thoughts in the first place. Where did they come from? Who or what instilled them in you? 

Also, try to change your thought processes. For example, instead of thinking “I hate my thighs, they are so fat and ugly”, you can think “My thighs are strong and powerful, they help me walk, run, and dance.” Switching your perception helps to break the shame cycle. Suddenly you feel better about your body and can make any change you want. 

Focus On What Your Body Can Do

Another approach is to focus on what your body is capable of, instead of obsessing over how your body looks. Appreciate how your body feels and what it can do by making a list of all the amazing things your body has done for you. That could include:-

  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Healing from an illness
  • Running a race
  • Hugged a loved one
  • Giving birth

It’s worth looking at your body as a biological machine that resulted from thousands of years of evolution. No aspect of it is under your ego’s control. 

Make Substantial Changes

The next step is to actually love your body by doing the things that will take care of it. Make significant lifestyle changes to protect it, and prevent it from becoming sick. 

You can also look at this site for more information about specific interventions. It turns out that transforming your body is much easier than you think. And the results can be spectacular. Many people who take the brave step to take action to improve their physiques say it is the best thing they ever did. They have more energy and “get up and go” in the mornings. 

Repeat Some Realistic Affirmations

You can also love your body by saying realistic affirmations – mantras you repeat to reprogram your unconscious mind. 

In general, affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to boost your self-esteem and mood. However, they can be too vague or unrealistic to be effective. For that reason, make them specific. 

For example, many people say things like “I love my body.” It sounds great, but it doesn’t provide much extra information. It’s actually much better to say things like “I love my body because it keeps me alive” or “I love my body because it helps me take care of my children.” 

Wear Clothes That Fit

You can also love your body by wearing clothes that fit. Don’t torture yourself with clothes that are too tight, too loose, too uncomfortable, or too boring. Also, don’t wait until you get the figure you want to start exploring your fashion options. Dress for the body you have now, not the body you wish you had. 

Base Everything You Do On Self-Care

Lastly, it’s a good idea to base your healthcare on self-care. See it as something that keeps you looking great and honors your body, not just a chore. Don’t exercise because you hate your body; exercise because you love your body and want to keep it strong and healthy. Don’t insist on going on a diet because you feel ashamed. Instead, pick foods you know will support your well-being. 

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